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The Business Scan Supports IIT Kharagpur Empresario
The Business Scan Supports IIT Kharagpur Empresario
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Testimonial From Sri PG Kamath Lieutenant General Indian Army
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Testimonial From H.E Tomasz Zaleski Chairman Of Royal Office UAE
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Testimonial From Dr. Kamlesh Mishra Vice Chancellor Rishihood University
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Become future-ready to be on the radar of top entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, job seekers, and employers to emerge as a leader with the ability to take advantage of our exclusive information superhighway. That’s what you get in each quarterly issue of our digital & print magazine. It features the content on how emerging technologies have impacted us in the past, what role they are playing today, and where you can expect them in the future. The global innovation, investment, education, employment, and enterprise opportunity news will empower you to get ahead of others.



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Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship

Opportunities News On Emerging Technologies From Anywhere...

The Business Scan is a technology-focused magazine that features the world's best global innovation, investment, leadership, startup, entrepreneurship, ideas, events, education, projects, employment, and business opportunity news. It has an influence on over 78000+ audiences across 20 countries going beyond social media and search engines. The readers get an option to choose, advertise, invest, buy - sell amazing products, technologies, resources, ventures, projects, deals, discounts, marketing, and sales services from corporate sectors. It is the key to success and information superhighway for many top decision-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, job seekers, and employers to get ahead of others when they use the power to broadcast, promote & advertise better at discounted rates, see futuristic business opportunities, get exclusive branding, consulting from amazing products & service marketplace, subscribe to read useful news and easily access many other exclusive meetings - events - trade fairs worldwide. 


Corporate Leadership


Shekhar Kumar

CEO & Editor 

Founder, Product, and Marketing leader in Startups, with a track record of building businesses from scratch. Expertise in developing a content strategy to market a product as the best in the market. Multiple domain expertise. Marketing resource asset to grow the company’s customer base & achieve growth. Expertise in FDI, Startup, Business Consulting, Recruitment, Training, Advertising, Product Launch, Sales, and Marketing of New Business Opportunities. 


A futurist, brand strategist, innovation influencer, speaker, faculty & committed partner promoting startup innovation, personal branding, investment, and business opportunities in emerging technologies by sharing industry insights, and strategic resources to help the inspired become legendary. You can access the best advantages of both print & digital media strategies, along with the direction from my expertise to go beyond social media and search engines with exclusive access to deals, discounts & offers in print media, direct mail marketing, TV, Radio, Mobile Ads and many others media options to suit your needs. 


​If you have an innovative idea, product, or services that you want to broadcast to over 100k audience to start, grow and lead your brand better then, contact to know how to stay ahead of your competitors today! 


Join us in our mission to support emerging technologies and helping innovative products-services reach the target audience to make a difference in the future.