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India's 1st technology-focused magazine that promotes world's best global innovation, investment, employment, education, events, business opportunities and leadership using A.I. It gives media spotlight beyond social media and search engines to business opportunities, sponsorship, advertisement, fund-raising, startup idea funding exclusive business plan competitions, events, innovation, investment, leadership, startup, entrepreneurship, ideas, education, projects, employment, consulting, event and marketing as media coverage partner. As an official media partner of leading institutions including entrepreneurship cell IIT, Kharagpur India and many others the advertisers get the best option in Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL), and Through The Line (TTL) Advertisement campaigns opportunities worldwide at discounted rates through an exclusive media channel partner network which includes top TV Channels, Radio Stations, Newspapers etc.


The Business Scan Magazine team members can also assist in Consulting, Sales Support, Market Research, Designing Solutions, Advertisement Booking, Software and Applications, New Market Entry Support, Recruitment Support Services, Geo-targeted Sales Campaigns, Appointment Booking Services, International Distributor Search, Business Representative Search, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Buying and Launching amazing products online, Reaching the target customer and client better, Get great work from home, virtual and remote jobs, Join events, Shop online from an amazing collection of products, Promote amazing technology and educate the market, Advertising in digital, print, and kindle versions worldwide, Know future technology trends and become fit for the future, See new amazing product, price, location, and promotion news, Find out where you can buy amazing products in the online marketplace and events.

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