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The Business Scan Magazine provides consulting on how to get the best media coverage and business advisory on innovation, investment, leadership, startup, entrepreneurship, ideas, events, education, projects, employment, and business opportunities in emerging technologies for clients and customers.

It has an excellent track record of promoting global startup funding business plan competition events, conferences, trade fairs, Daedalus Mark 1 (world's fastest flying jet suit), PAL-V (world's best flying car), StadiaPitch (world's 1st automated pitch change over the system for the stadium), and many more top-class innovative products that deserve only the best media coverage, publicity, spotlight to be among the best in the world by influencing audiences across 20 countries going beyond social media and search engines with the empowered media channel partner network of over 751 TV channels, 271 radio stations, 51 airports, 8501 cinema halls, 1001 multiplexes, 114 digital apps, 451 websites, and 4501 newspapers to impact millions of geo-targeted customers worldwide. Our advertiser gets more media coverage, better publicity, and excellent public relationship management from media partners to get noticed with “Direct Feature Service” at The Business Scan Magazine. The media coverage service on top decision-maker, C-level executive, investor, entrepreneur, influencer increase their corporate image, brand value, leadership, product sales, service visibility online and beyond social media sites, without engaging in a long-term contract with an expensive agency. Furthermore, it offers publicity solutions at a reasonable rate and won’t ask advertisers to sign any long-term contracts for branding, marketing, advertising, designing content localization in a foreign language hence, we give the best media coverage as an official media partner to launch new product, virtual conference, business events, college events, sponsorship, enter new market with our unique advantage along with an option to choose advertising deals and discounts to meet all of corporate communication goals with leading digital, print, newsrooms, news portals, websites, and many other top media channels worldwide. It is helping institutions, schools, colleges, innovators, investors, buyers, marketers, industry experts, job seekers, employers, PR officers, agencies, advertisers, news channels, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers to broadcast better in preferred destinations, gain new clients, generate leads, build brand equity, closing sales, accessing deals, searching for work, posting a job, and exploring business opportunities better than others with Vocal For Local-based event marketing media solutions. 

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Innovation Consulting at The Business Sc


Doing Business Beyond Borders

You can get the best innovation consulting and advisory at the level of the product, service, and business model where our consultants analyze outside and inside the organization to define an innovation strategy that best supports the overall business strategy of the company to grow faster and better.


Plus: New Business Opportunities, Branding, Advertising, New Market Entry, Softwares and Partner


Where Great Ideas Are Funded

You will learn when to initiate, who to reach out to, where to contact, how to plan your leadership team, your pitch, develop the right capital raising strategy with a real-world approach to make a difference and get funded.

Plus: Networking to Key Partners, VC, Angel Investors

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Course To Make You Future Ready


The growth hacking training is focused to make you future ready and other international university courses are recommended on emerging technologies need basis like AI, blockchain, cloud computing, robotics, virtual reality, IoT, and sales where you go deeper to gain new skills, earn certification, and get high-paying jobs worldwide.

Plus: Workshops, Events, Seminars & College Courses

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Leadership Consulting at The Business Scan Magazine.jpg

Get The Right Leader On Your Side


We are focused on CEO and CTO level corporate branding in emerging technologies with a high-level exclusive professional contact base, and industry knowledge to deliver results & refer right people for the tech companies.

Plus: Personal Branding, Succession Planning & Media Spotlight

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Bid Public Procurement Faster


You will get a personal account manager who will assist you with a fast customized alert based on your preference in terms of quality, quantity in the market to help you make smarter decisions, and increase your success in bidding.

Plus: International tenders updates from across the world


Advertise, Promote, and Broadcast Better


Get the support you need in managing PR for your next business leadership, biz plan competition events, product launch, conference, trade meeting, or online seminar in top media channel networks like magazines, newspapers, TV channels, Radio stations, or digital media for your events advertising as per your budget with exclusive discounts, deals, and offers from media channel partners of The Business Scan Magazine.

Plus: Geo-targeted Local For Vocal Campaign across 20 countries.

Event Consulting
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