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ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture Unveil AI Lighthouse Program to Illuminate Transformational Path of Generative AI Initiatives for Enterprises

The Business Scan Magazine Team

20 Mar 2023

AI Lighthouse Program: Illuminating the Path to Transformative Generative AI Initiatives in Enterprises

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) have joined forces to introduce an innovative venture known as the AI Lighthouse program. This pioneering initiative is set to revolutionize enterprise operations by enabling customers to conceive and implement transformative generative AI-driven project. In an unprecedented collaboration, ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture have harnessed their collective expertise to develop the AI Lighthouse program. This groundbreaking effort offers customers a unique opportunity to create and execute generative AI-based initiatives that hold the potential to reshape the very core of their business operations.

The AI Lighthouse program serves as a beacon of innovation, guiding clients across various sectors toward the realm of generative AI. By leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow's enterprise automation platform, NVIDIA's cutting-edge AI technologies, and Accenture's profound insights, customers are empowered to design, develop, and bring to life initiatives that harness the creative power of AI to drive unprecedented transformations.Bill McDermott, Chairman and CEO of ServiceNow, underscored the significance of this initiative: "The AI Lighthouse program signifies a pivotal moment for businesses, enabling them to reimagine and revolutionize their operational landscape. Through the collaborative efforts of ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture, we're setting the standard for enterprise innovation driven by generative AI.

The program is poised to inspire groundbreaking ideas that yield substantial 'return on intelligence,' propelling businesses into a new era of possibilities."Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, commented on the accelerated pace of AI adoption across industries: "The convergence of generative AI into operational frameworks is unfolding at an unprecedented pace, surpassing previous technological shifts. NVIDIA, ServiceNow, and Accenture are uniting to empower clients to lead their industries through the strategic deployment of generative AI initiatives.

These initiatives will harness a company's own insights to create transformative applications that redefine daily operations."Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO of Accenture, emphasized the transformative potential of generative AI for enterprises: Generative AI holds the potential to reshape enterprises, fueling innovation, enhancing services, and driving differentiated performance. Our extended partnership with ServiceNow and NVIDIA will leverage our collective expertise to help clients create impactful, meaningful, and ethical generative AI initiatives.

By rapidly realizing the potential of this transformative technology, enterprises can unlock new levels of value."The AI Lighthouse program stands as a testament to the commitment of ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture in driving innovation and transformation across enterprises. As businesses embark on this groundbreaking journey, the program serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a future powered by generative AI-driven initiatives.

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