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Workday Unveils Cutting-Edge Elastic Hypercube Technology for Advancing Workday Adaptive Planning

The Business Scan Magazine Team

18 Mar 2023

Revolutionary Technical Advancements and Integrated Artificial Intelligence Empower Global Enterprises such as Boeing and Mondelēz International to Address the Escalating Scale and Intricacy of Large-Scale Enterprise Planning

Workday, a pioneer in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, has unveiled the latest iteration of its groundbreaking Elastic Hypercube Technology (EHT), a patented intelligent modeling engine that drives Workday Adaptive Planning. This advancement addresses the escalating demands placed on organizations as they grapple with more intricate business scenarios, dynamic business needs, and the expansion of planning across a wider user base. In today's environment of economic unpredictability, market volatility, and heightened competition, planning teams are tasked with analyzing and reporting on vast datasets while accommodating numerous scenarios.

The proliferation of dimensions, novel data types and sources, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and a growing array of stakeholders amplify the intricacy of the planning process. Therefore, planning tools must deliver ease of use, rapidity, and scalability.The new generation of EHT within Workday Adaptive Planning incorporates embedded AI and performance enhancements, facilitating the efficient computation of intricate models by dynamically adding memory and compute power as required. This innovation has been designed to support the most complex multi-dimensional planning needs and accommodate a high volume of concurrent users, all without compromising speed or performance.

Enhancing Power and Scale While Retaining Flexibility and User-Friendliness

Boeing has leveraged Workday Adaptive Planning to revolutionize its workforce planning process, transitioning from siloed methodologies to a flexible, consistent, and scalable solution. Centralizing workforce data within a single system enabled Boeing to standardize processes, enhance visibility into open job requisitions, and drive cost savings and operational efficiency.Jeremy McCann, Manager of Enterprise Workforce Planning at Boeing, commented, "By transitioning from numerous manual spreadsheets to a more flexible configuration on Workday Adaptive Planning, we've eliminated our reliance on disconnected datasets, which were administratively burdensome.

With the latest EHT advancements, we are now more confident in our processes and visibility, enabling us to build the optimal workforce for executing our long-term business strategy."Mondelēz International, through Workday Adaptive Planning, has achieved enhanced effectiveness and expedited decision-making concerning its non-production workforce.Marcel Sakr, Functional Lead for Performance, Rewards & Workforce Planning at Mondelēz International, stated, "Large organizations are grappling with increasingly complex planning requirements, and with over 90,000 employees across 82 countries,

Mondelēz's workforce planning is no exception. Workday Adaptive Planning empowers us to analyze substantial data volumes with multiple dimensions, producing detailed reports in seconds rather than minutes. The next generation EHT has provided us with visibility down to the employee level, simplifying monthly plan-to-actuals variance analysis and streamlining decision-making.

Enhancing Performance, Speed, and Scale to Address Complex Inquiries Efficiently

With the new EHT generation, customers of Workday Adaptive Planning can anticipate:

Optimized Speed and Performance:

Rapid access to reports, dashboards, and sheets, even when dealing with extensive, multi-dimensional views. Embedded AI within EHT anticipates and computes calculations based on historical behavior and assesses the overall model to identify redundant data cells, optimizing analysis efficiency.

Increased User Concurrency Support:

Enhanced scalability provides greater access to the platform concurrently, catering to the expanding number of financial, human resources, and business users engaged in an organization's planning process.

Accelerated Data Integration:

Streamlined import and export of substantial financial and non-financial data, resulting in comprehensive and precise models.

Empowering Proactive Planning and Continuous Adaptation

Dennis Yen, General Manager of Workday Adaptive Planning at Workday, emphasized the significance of swift modeling and understanding of business implications, especially in today's context. He stated, "Our ongoing EHT innovations, coupled with existing AI and ML functionality, enable Workday Adaptive Planning to assist over 6,000 companies in proactively planning for their futures. This entails providing continuous planning, organization-wide planning, deeper insights, and the capacity to adapt and excel on a larger scale.


The next generation of EHT is now available to all Workday Adaptive Planning customers.

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