The Business Scan Global Media Coverage Partnership


Advertising + Editorial Features – Content promoted to create event brand awareness, promote events, and news that matter.

Product Reviews (Samples) – Create in-depth and hands-on reviews of new events, products, startups on emerging technologies, and apps.

Social Media Campaigns – Broadcast new events, products, services news to reach the best target audiences, not just promoting products.

Events – An event partnership can be very rewarding and creates a unique way to join forces while bringing the best of both brands.

Giveaways / Contests – Make it easy for your brand to gain momentum through carefully well-thought-out & on-demand social media promotional campaigns like giveaways, online content, and lucky draws.

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A unique magazine requires unique. ventures to work with. Our approach to brand partnership is based on significant and strategic collaboration, which we think is the way things work best in the events, new product launch and media publicity industry. We hope to cherish a new standard in advertising & marketing with our global reach. We believe in promoting global events, great products to reach the target audience better and faster with our unique approach, mindsets, and high-quality delivery to ignite a spark of interest in the eyes of the customer.


The Business Scan Magazine team members can assist in Consulting, Sales Support, Market Research, Designing Solutions, Advertisement Booking, Software and Applications, New Market Entry Support, Recruitment Support Services, Geotargeted Sales Campaigns, Appointment Booking Services, International Distributor Search, Business Representative Search, Social Media & Digital Marketing, buying and launching amazing products online, Reaching the target customer and client better, Get great work from home, virtual and remote jobs, Join events, Shop online from an amazing collection of products, Promote amazing technology and educate the market, Advertising in digital, print, and kindle versions worldwide, Know future technology trends and become fit for the future, See new amazing product, price, location, and promotion news, Find out where you can buy amazing products in the online marketplace and events.

They are happy to consider all requests for event media collaboration and customize a package of promotional and support services to suit your needs and your budget when you explore partnerships to get event sponsors, attendees, new clients for your products, services, and organization. Additionally, it is also trusted in the partner’s local audience & their followers. If the partner trusts your brand, so should their follower base.